81 thoughts on “How To Make Baidu Account Outside China (2022 Works 100%)”

  1. Hi I was trying to register but doesn’t work anymore . Seems we need to register with a phone number from China and also a up from China. Do you have any suggestion how to do this ? I mean I tried to find a free China disposable number and also a VPN to change my ip to China ip but I don’t find any free VPN for that and also the free disposable numbers are all taken. Not easy to turn around.

  2. Many ….thank you!
    MD. Al Amin you are the new Einstein!
    I just signed up Baidu my dream came true now downloading my favorite dramas i watched from childhood. Amazing to watch it again at 720 or 1080. Thank you again your kind loving heart to people with no asking for money as a return.

  3. for everyone who lives in a country that is not supported by the baidu list: buy a telephone number from skype e.g. from the US – it will work immediatly.

  4. vi, I am from Bangladesh. Account khular somoy du speaker e username chay na..sudhu password chay. Then account kholar por username er jagay star deya thake. plz help.

  5. Germany stays out! No chance to register with +49 at Baidu (altough Germany is an important trading partner for China). Well, at least I tried. With kind regards from Munic 🙂

  6. For baidu network disk how does one increase the download rate, do you have a post for that, its downloaindg a gig at 100kbps wtf

  7. This works magical! Thanks a lot! I never imagine finally I can have my own account since my China clients always sent all the works with Baidu Disk.

    1. @Sergio, This content was backdated. Recently, I have updated this content. So try again through this content. I hope it will work properly.

  8. hi, i follow thru ur steps. however it seems like when i stuck at point 3 where i search for my own country code, the list is empty, it makes it stuck with +86. any idea how to help?

  9. The APK you had, it didn’t work for me. I used another APK and follow your guide and got everything to working conditions. Thank you so much.

  10. after clicking “login” the last step. It moves to a new registration page which requires name, mail, phone no. , Vervication code and category … It always gives me the the phone number is incorrect even though I used it in Duspeaker before .. can you help me please

  11. Thank you i created account
    But baidu login page need phone number to login i dont know what is the phone number it’s say that the phone number is wrong

    1. @Brjdxyter, if you had completed your registration task successfully, you will find your dashboard on DuSpeaker app.
      Alternatively, you can login your dashboard though this link: https://login.bce.baidu.com/?lang=en
      Login process
      1. Select your country code
      2. Input your cellphone number. (That you have provided while registering.)
      3. Click on ( Send a dynamic password).
      4. Input 6 digits pin that you have recently received.
      5. Login
      Hope you understood. Thanks for your comment.

    1. I think, you had tried to register before and missed out some legal information.
      1. Clear your browsing data.
      2. Use another browser
      3. Do logout if this option exist.

      Now try it again…..

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