Frequently Asked Questions

Do you check the plugins/themes if they are 100% similar to authentic ones?

Yes, I do.

Did you purchase themes/plugins you share to us or took from the internet?

Yes, I bought all the plugins and themes.

Does any file you share contain any malware or virus?

My answer is nope. No malware is included. You may scan all files through virustotal by google.
Even more, You can try Wordfence Security, iTheme Security and so on.

How do we update the plugins and themes you share?

Do not update any plugin or theme from the WordPress dashboard. Cause it’s nulled. If you update those plugins/themes from your dashboard, you will need licence key to reactivate it. So avoid its update. When a new version will release, I will update those contents.

Does any file will affect my website or not?

That is to say, I’m not forcing you to use any nulled file from our website. However, you can use those plugins/themes at your own risk. I’m just sharing those files for the people who intend to buy those. Thereby they will be able to test them before purchasing.

The files you upload on your website are nulled or original?

Each file I uploaded on my website is nulled.

Shall I use nulled files from your website?

Trust me. The files I have shared are nulled but free from the virus. I’m sharing the original file. It’s totally virus free. If you feel suspicious about it, you can scan these files through Google virustotal.

Why would we share these premium files otherwise for free?

Some dishonest people share nulled files for hacking purposes. But not everyone. Some people like me share these premium files for free. Therefore people like you could try those premium plugins before purchasing them. In fact, I bought all the plugins. As I’m a PHP programmer, I understand how to read and write programs of a theme or plugin. Actually programmers try to learn something new, especially programming related problems solving. That’s why I like to learn the way that the plugins author follows to create a plugin or theme. Whenever I find out their encryption methods to limit access to their plugin, I just modify their code for unlimited access.
Moreover, I can earn money through Google Adsense through my blog. In fact, I like to have good comments on my blog from visitors. 😄

What if any files we have shared contains virus and affected your website?

We do not give any guarantee, if any theme / plugin / script contain virus. Please check on virustotal before using it on localhost.