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It’s crystal-clear that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication system is currently the talk of the telecommunications industry. And many, many companies are rushing to secure a place in this exploding industry with the end goal of making profits.
And that brings us to the question of quality- how do you get the highest quality VoIP service providers that have your interests at heart in such a saturated market?We’ll tell you why you need us today to make your dreams of using the cost saving VoIP communication system (for your business or personal needs) come true…

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About A1Networks Pte

A1Networks Pte is one of the fastest growing and the leading provider of highly affordable VoIP services and solutions. We rank among the most efficient carriers of the international voice traffic the world over. We base our success on a resilient financial background, dynamic management, and our focus on the fastest growing international telecommunications sectors (both VoIP and mobile). All these has made it possible for us to make our presence across the globe and leave a mark in this industry.

Our top services and solutions include global voice termination, VoIP switch install, Vos3000 rental solution, VoIP switch rental solution, prepaid calling services, and cloud server rent. Because we ONLY use super-efficient VoIP infrastructure plus state-of-the-art Billing and Routing Management Systems, we guarantee you of the finest quality routes and calls you make through us.

Who Are We?

We are a team of professionals with sound knowledge and 7plus years of experience in the telecommunications industry. We have our fully equipped (with hi-tech network management technologies) operations center based in Singapore. Here, our team of highly skilled technicians work tirelessly to ensure you get the highest quality VoIP services regardless of your physical locations.

Unlike our competitors, we offer you our top-notch services at quite reasonable prices to meet your budget needs.
Not to forget that we also have a competent team of support staff that stands ready to field all your questions!.

Popular Service


VOS3000 is Best Wholesale Soft Switch in the Market .
We Provide Vos3000 install Services And Rental Services,Best Price in the Market.we Provide 24/7 Support .We also Provide Firewall

Voip Termination

We Provide A2Z wholesale VoIP Termination Best Rate, Best Quality, Fas Free, A2Z CLI, A2Z ON CLI,
We Specialised Bangladesh CLI, IGW, NON-CLI, India CLI, INDIA NON-CLI, Pakistan NON-CLI, 24/7 Support.

Dedicated Server

WE Provide Dedicated Server Best price.
We Have Many Different Colocation Dedicated server
24/7 support, First Delivery, Manager Dedicated server.



Basic (1000 CC)


Per Month

  • CPU: Intel Xeon
  • Cores/Freq: E3-1240V2 3.4GHZ
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Hard Drive: 200 GB
  • Bandwidth: BW-10 TB Dedicated
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Cloud Server

Cloud Km001


Per Month

  • CPU: 1vCore
  • Cores/Freq: 1vCore 2.4 GHz
  • Ram: 2 GB
  • Disk: 10 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 100 Mbps
  • Order Now

Dedicated Server

Dedicated EUDS021


Per Month

  • CPU: Intel Core i3
  • Cores/Freq: 530 2.93 GHZ + IPMI
  • Ram: 4 GB
  • Disk: 2x 1000GB HW RAID
  • Bandwidth: Unltd @ 1Gbps
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Why Work With Us?

There are definitely countless reasons why you should choose us today to meet your VoIP communication needs and solutions.Our secret to ranking among the best VoIP services providers lies in the fact that we put our clients’ needs and requirements first and ensure all our clients are100% satisfied with our services.

Here are the main reasons why you should start working with us today:

As our customer or VoIP termination provider, you’ll enjoy access to our web-based Partner Resource Center. This facilitates easy and quick access to the daily traffic functioning statistics as well as dynamic reporting methods.

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At A1Networks Pte provides you with sophisticated network application services. Plus we’ve got interests in cloud hosting, software, web design and development, and e-commerce expanding our business globally is one of our primary focuses. As such, we’re working on being the pioneer service provider for the many clients in the Asia-pacific region. Besides, we’re also utilizing our assets and potential to the maximum. This will help us capture all the connectivity opportunities in the fields where the industry is causing competitive interruptions. We offer you simple and swift international operations that increase revenues and profits with our high-quality services- resulting in a boost in your business without any capital expenses. our highly innovative VoIP, cloud communication services cover more networks, channels, and devices than all the other providers.

Not only that, we have come up with a proprietary combined technology platform with IP telephony capabilities- ideal for any business at reasonable prices so that you can enjoy increased productivity in your business while saving more.

As the pioneers in the cloud communication services, we are focused on coming up with an easier way for you to control the way you connect with your clients across your frequent communication devices and networks.

This application lets you control and handles your communications from a single package. This makes it problem-free, more efficient to communicate, and less expensive.

We offer you our flagship app. This will offer you a list of benefits like FREE peer-to-peer voice/video calls, fairly priced VoIP calls to mobiles and landlines, intelligent call routing feature, social network aggregation, texting, multi-protocol immediate messaging text message language transcription, real-time IM, and large files transfer.
A1Networks Pte has been recognized, independently, as the leading provider of high capacity, low latency international connectivity across Asia-Pacific. We rely on the latest, most advanced technologies to enhance speed and flexibility in our services.

OUR Specialties/Services

Vos3000 Install and Rental Solution

We fully believe that business success is the true measure of the worth of any given service, product, or technology. With that said, we’re always keeping a watchful eye on the fast-changing VoIP business world and coming up with innovations that will help you meet your business needs.

We’re, therefore, glad to introduce you to our Vos3000 Solution to help meet your universal carrier-class VoIP necessities

We offer you the solution in both rental (in up to 8 truly affordable packages) and in a one-time install solution.

As you know, data is highly significant part of any business. And in such regard, you’d want to invest in the most up-to-date vos3000 operating system. This will ensure that all your data cannot easily fall into the hands of unwanted groups (hacker, if you like).

Our Vos3000 Softswitch comes fully secured and up-to-date. This is enough assurance that your data remains safeguarded from illegal access.

It offers you remarkable features like:
  • account management
  • Exchange rate management
  • package management
  • rate management
  • gateway management
  • cards management
  • Softswitch management
  • phone management
  • user management
  • system management
  • web self-service system
  • data query

What’s more, the system also comes with add-on modules like the Extreme Media Proxy and Global Card Business System. This supports as many as a million cards- making it easy for you to build a more stable, high-performance, and reliable operating system.

Why should you use the Vos3000?
  • unlike our competitors, we make it available to you at affordable prices, without cutting on the features
  • the system can support up to 10,000 simultaneous calls
  • 100% safe; so hackers will have a hard time trying to access your data
  • user-friendly operation, even for beginners
  • ideal for both retail and wholesale VoIP businesses

Dedicated Server Rent

A1Networks Pte takes pride in renting a dedicated server to our customers. All our dedicated servers come characterized by high performance.
If you didn’t know, renting a dedicated server refers to the process where a service on a single physical server is made available to you. You get your own server as opposed to sharing with the other clients. With a dedicated server, you can achieve a lot of many things and increase the efficiency and productivity of your business or project.

Some of these things include:
  • storing huge loads of data
  • storing large project resources, and
  • ability to work with applications that are incompatible with the virtualization systems.
One thing that sets the dedicated servers we rent to you aside from the other providers:

They’re powered by Supermicro- which makes them up to date and insanely productive. Not only that, we offer you serves of varying configurations. They exhibit optimal performance and reliability, while being mindful of your budget needs.

What are the key benefits you’ll get from renting a dedicated server?
Easy to manage

This is simply because we allow to you to choose how you want us to install the dedicated server for you. That is, you can choose to have it installed on the free ISP panel or on one of the free-based panels (Plesk 12 and WHM/C-panel).
As such, managing your server becomes highly convenient and as easy as breeze

High performance guaranteed

We ONLY provide our customers with High-performance servers. We usually used SSD drives to optimize the performance of all our servers. However, we can always change the configuration at your request to meet your specific needs and requirements

Unmatched security and stability

Yes, the fact that you’re isolated from the other users translates to full independence. Not to forget unparalleled security and stability of your system. As you already know, such a remarkable performance and flexible configurations are suitable for processing your orders, online payments, and portals with potential growth and high traffic.

Unlimited resources

You’ll be a step ahead of other users when using a dedicated server. That is, you’ll enjoy unlimited sites, domains and subdomain, databases, and mailboxes.

Why buy our dedicated server rent packages?
  • we offer a 7-day money back guarantee, so you’re making a Risk-Free investment
  • real-time bandwidth monitoring access
  • free remote hands
  • 100% secure system
  • Cisco & Juniper Routers/Switches
  • Free robots
  • free remote reboot plug
  • free port monitoring
  • UPS & Diesel Power Generator means they’ll never go off
  • Cisco & Microsoft Certified Engineers ensure smooth operation of your system
  • Redundant Liebert Climate Control Systems
  • you’ll get your server ready within 2 hours of making a payment. That’s super-fast!
  • we offer FREE setup; no extra/hidden charges

Cloud Server Rent

It doesn’t matter what your budget is! We’ve come up with scalable, flexible and highly affordable prices for our broad range of cloud server rentals.And all our package come with the ultimate flexibility that enables them to adapt to any size of business!

With our cloud servers, all our clients- especially the e-commerce owners- can rest assured of notable improvements. That their sites will exhibit super-fast page loads. That you’ll get higher IOPS (Input Output per Second) for your database and apps. And reduced delays in case you share large video and media files with your visitors. We’ve got your back…

As the world’s leading managed cloud experts, we’ll always be at your help. We offer you full help anytime you need us. We’ll run your business cloud for you. We’ll offer you full operating system and application support/help. We’ll closely check your servers through a detailed inspection. Above all, we’ll help you grow your business to a higher level with our pool of suggestions.

Again, we’ve got a team of experts that work around the clock to offer you professional support for all your queries and needs.

Why you should consider using our cloud server packages:
  • E-commerce customers are guaranteed of faster page loading speeds, higher database read speeds, etc.
  • all our packages use the fully secured RAID10 data center-class SSDs
  • Powerful Intel® Xeon® processor for the ultimate performance
  • each host features up to 40GB/sec of throughput
  • you can easily configure your cloud server in minutes
  • you’ll get notable improvements in the performance of your applications
  • because all our packages come with OpenStack (the world’s top open source cloud operating system), you’ll never be limited to a single vendor

Grab one of our high-performance, flexible cloud server rentals and start growing your business into the right direction. We’ll fully manage the server for you and leave you FREE to focus on your business!

Wholesale VOIP Termination

A1Networks Pte is one of the leading providers of wholesale VoIP Termination services and solutions (A-Z termination) at the market leading rates!

In spite of our unbelievably low call charges, we ensure you get nothing short of the finest quality in all your calls. We’ve interconnected our network with the top Tier 1 Carrier. This gives us the capabilities to delivers millions of minutes to the farthest ends of all the 7 continents.

In simple words: we make it possible for you to make quality to any destination/country you can think of in the world.

Our own exclusive Online Smart Routing engine ensures that enjoy the best of the best quality route for all your calls. This is especially true for all your incoming calls. This makes us the only VoIP service provider with quality services at reasonable rates. Our 24/7 Network Operation Center ensures you enjoy smooth and efficient services. You won’t get any hitches and issues. Our main data center is located at USA Internet Exchange. Besides, we’ve two backup setups USA and Europe for excellent calling traffic.

Again we have up to 7 years of unmatched expertise in this field. Plus our highly reliable network infrastructure. So, you’ll never get disappointed in our services.

In a nutshell, these are the key benefits you’ll get from our wholesale VoIP Termination services:
  • finest quality call routing to every corner of the world
  • competitive pricing for our termination services
  • highly skilled 24/7 network monitoring and technical maintenance
  • fast, simple test and turn up procedures
  • Backed-up platforms guarantee our VoIP services
  • experience technical support that stands ready to attend to your needs and queries
  • we’re among the few companies that use 100% IP networks! This exclusive feature gives you access to:
  • Short length Termination
  • Missed Call Route
  • Wholesale voice, and
  • VoIP commencing
To grant you flexibility, we have divided our services into three major plans below:

Platinum: this routing plan provides you with the best quality/price combination. Our team of network experts continuously track the route to ensure that your call gets terminated successfully. But, we don’t guarantee you any CLI delivery here.

Silver: Here, your VoIP calls get terminated through a higher-quality VoIP route… with an average Call duration to Answer Seizure Ratio. This eliminates the notorious call dropouts. It also ensures that you get great voice quality with CLI delivery to nearly all destinations.

Gold: Then we have the Gold plan where we offer you the BEST possible pricing for the VoIP wholesale market for making calls to all destinations. We guarantee you unbiased quality-cost routing when you subscribe to this package. All your calls won’t get monitored by our network experts for the average Call Duration to Answer Seizure Ratio.

For more details and expert advice on the wholesale VoIP termination service, don’t hesitate to contact us right now!

Website Design and Development

If you’re planning to establish an online presence for your business, product or service, we’re the guys to get you there!

We offer a wide range of web services. These include web design, development, and search engine optimization.

Why should you work with us?

Because we have the experience and the tools it takes for us to give you reliable and professional web design services at competitive rates.
Here are some top reasons why you’d want to hire us for your web design/development needs today:

Work with a Team of Experts

We have a team of highly experienced, creative minds. They will listen to all your needs and add in their expertise and creativity. This enables them to give you a website that matches your style, expectations, etc.

100% Client Satisfaction

Unlike our competitors, our clients’ needs always come first. We try as much as possible to deliver the best-quality services that will leave you fully satisfied and want to hire us again and again.

We Grant You Total Control

Yes, we’ll give you total control of your website domain panel, admin panel, and hosting panel. So you’ll feel like the absolute owner of your website and you can make your preferred configurations and customizations.

Cross Browser Compatible Sites

The fact that we base our web design on the CSS2 and CSS3 means all your visitor will not have an issue accessing your website from any browser.

SEO Friendly Websites

We fully understand that your website needs some SEO job to make it visible to web users who might be looking for your services. As such, we always ensure that all websites come with SEO-friendly features, e.g. URLs, so that your potential customers can easily find you on Google

World Class Support

In addition to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction, we also go an extra mile to ensure none of your questions or needs goes unattended to. We offer you a handful of channels through which you can reach our experienced support staff for instant help.

100% Responsive Web Design

More people today are using handheld devices- like tablets, smartphones, notebooks, etc. – to access the web than ever before. And if your website isn’t optimized for these devices, you might be losing a lot of potential customers for your business.

Luckily, we design 100% responsive websites. This makes them easily accessible not only on the desktop but also on all the handheld devices that have access to the internet.

All at Affordable rates!

We mind your budget needs. We try as much as possible to keep all our packages fee low without sacrificing the quality!

Our Packages:

We offer our web design services in 3 primary packages. This will help you pick one that matches your business needs and requirements. These packages include:

Basic Web Package: this is our cheapest package and comprises of:
  • a 3-page custom website design, with professional look and styling
  • responsive design
  • it comes with a content management system
  • contact form, 5 emails, and other benefits.
Start-Up Web Package: the mid-priced package comprises:
  • a 6-page custom web design with professional look and styling
  • responsive design
  • content management system
  • contact form, up to 10 emails, and other benefits
Web Power Package: this is the highest price of the three plans. If you go with it, we’ll give you the following:
  • 10-page custom web design
  • professional look and style
  • a content management system
  • contact form and 10 emails, and more benefits than that the previous packages.

Feel free to contact us today to see how we can create an online presence for your business that increases your business profits.

Our Core Values

Our list of core value reflects who we really are at A1Networks Pte. And what truly matters to us as one of the leading organizations.The following core values act as the heart and soul of A1Networks Pte and define the strengths of our company:

  • empower all our employees to be in a position to deliver complete solutions
  • treat ALL customers well
  • be easy and friendly to do business with
  • being a highly creative team is the driving force for our success
  • we strive to be innovative; to make the VoIP field better for you than before
  • we lay much effort in customer service and support; our customers’ needs are our priority
  • we try to be reliable service providers by exceeding our customers’ expectations. We offer you the best possible technology, advice, and delivery commitment

Payment Methods

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