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Dear Friends, At first I would like to say thanks For stay with us. Now I’m going to share some best famous quotes which are written by Humayan Ahmed
Do you know Humayan Ahmed?
Lets see Who was Humayan Ahmed
Humayun Ahmed was a great lover of music. He loved to watch quality music. From his first movie Aguner Poroshmoni, he tried to write songs, but for his shy feeling, the first song written by him Akta chilo shonar konna was sung in his second film Srabon Megher Din. He didn’t need to look back after this song. Songs like Mathay porechi shada cap, Shohagpur grame akta maya dighi chilo, O amar ural pongkhire, Chadni poshore kea may shoron kore, Amar ache jol, Jodi deke boli came one after another. Except these film scores, he has some other songs like Jodi mon kade, Chadni poshor raite jano amar moron hoy, Shomudro, which are equally popular.
He wrote and directed many dramas like Shobuj Chaya, Ei Megh Ei Roudro, Josnar Phul to make people conscious about family planning and develop mass opinion against child marriage and dowry system. Humayun Ahmed’s single episode dramas also achieved same fame. His creations like Chokh, Khadok, Nimphul were simultaneously popular and meaningful.
Humayan Ahmed wrote many kinds of Quotes for instance love, rain, kotha,friendship , poem, facebook status etc.
His some most likely quotes Below
So dear readers, lets get all bangla best humayun ahmed quotes
  1. Hasite khub sohojei manushke chena jay, sob manush ekoi vongite kade kintu hasar somoy ekek jon ekek rokom kore hase.
  2. Boro bokami guli buddhiman manushrai kore.
  3. Kichu manush dhorei niyeche tara ja vabche tai thik, tader jogot tai ekmatro sotti jogot, era rohosso khujbe na. era sopno dekhbe na.
  4. Josna dkhte dekhte amar hotat mone holo, prokitir kache kichu chaite nei, karon prokiti manusher kono icchai opurno rakhe na.
  5. Jokhoni somoy pabi chade ese akasher tarar dike takabi, ete mon boro hobe. montake boro korte hobe, khudro shorile akashe moto bishal mon dharon korte hobe.
  6. Vsiye debar probonota prokritir vetor ache, se josna diye vasiye dey, vristi diye vasiye dey, tusarpat diye vasiye dey. abar probol prem probol bedona diyeo tar sristijogotke vasiye dey.
  7. Janalar O pashe ondhokar theke amar songira amay dake, ekdin jader songo peye aj nisshongotay vugchi.
  8. Chader bishalota manusher majheo ache, chad ek jibone bar bar firee ase, thik temon manush prio ba oprio jai hok, ekbar chole gele abar firee ase.
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  1. Awesome Quotes. This level of maturity comes from experiencing the truth of life.

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