Excellent experience in ghatail Upazilla and science fair


A great step has been taken by the Prime Minister of our country.
In Ghatail upazilla we are enjoying a science fair which is hosted by Educational ministry .We are here with our science project and learning many things also.

In this place there are many schools and colleges and for this we can learn many things of science.
We are learning The whole content. Many schools has arrived here for this fair. About 15-20 schools has arrived for this fair. The students are very much excited for this fair. Some of them have done a great work and we can learn this thing.

A proverb goes that” Science is the mother of human civilization

I think that it is a superb step for building our future generation . SO THIS KIND OF ACTIVITIES SHOULD BE TAKEN BY OUR GOVERNMENT FOR MAKING OUR COUNTRY GROWN.
Thanks to everyone for reading this content and stay with us.



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