How to Get Free WordPress Hosting With A Free Domain in 2018

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Let’s know What is Web hosting ?

As the primary replacement for an in-house Web server, a hosting server facilitates Internet accessibility for one or more websites. To ensure website accessibility, a hosting server is always switched on and connected to the Internet.
A hosting server is the key component of a Web hosting service. It is most often built, delivered and managed by a hosting service provider and includes all components necessary for website operability. A complete hosting server is developed using the computing hardware, storage, operating system (OS), network connectivity and/or specialized Web hosting software.
Depending on the hosting service provider, a hosting server may be shared or dedicated. A shared hosting server hosts multiple websites simultaneously, whereas a dedicated hosting server is specifically allocated for one customer and its associated websites. This definition was written in the context of Web Hosting
Nowdays its Difficult To get Free Hosting and A Free Domain , You may Come Across many Web Hosting Companies which Offers Both Paid and Free Hosting Plans but You may Not Be satisfied with their Free Plan.

Get your Free WordPress site with a Free Domain

When People Think about Free Domain Most of them Expects A .com But It isn’t Free
Free domain are like this .tk, .ml , .ga, etc..
So Now You have to Get a Free WordPress Hosting
There are so many Hosting Services which offers Free WordPress Hosting But Most Of them will Suspend Your Site after Few Weeks or Few Months.. But 000webhost Won’t Do that
To Get Your Free WordPress Hosting
Firstly Visit
Then Create a Free Account there It just Takes a Few Minutes..
After Creating a Free Account , Goto Your Dashboard and Click Build site Then you will Find WordPress Auto Install
If you have Enough Patient Then You can Try Manual Set Up null If you choose to auto install then Fill your admin Username, Password , thats all you have Got your Free WordPress Site
Now You can Choose their Sub-Domains or You can Resister a free .tk domain at

Important Note:

Use this for Practice Purpose Only, When you get good traffic your site will be suspended, And also don’t try to place adsence adds , they will block your site instantly, Finally Happy Blogging..
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