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Nobody Recasts like Monroe

More stars than there are in heaven

Burying the boy genius

Eine Klein Reichmusik

A Brady-American Christmas

A More perfect Union

An enemy among us

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar

Watch The Last Tycoon Season 1 On Roku

Watch the first season of the Last Tycoon only on Amazon. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Last Tycoon will make its first appearance on July 28 exclusively on Amazon’s Prime Video, Amazon said today. It is a none-episode adaptation and its first trailer for the original series was released by the company.

The Last Tycoon Season 1 on Amazon – Roku Activation

The stars in lead roles are:

Matt Bomer

Kelsey Grammer

Lily Collins

“The Last Tycoon is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s final, unfinished novel which has turned into a wildly uneven series. The frothy soapiness of this Hollywood melodrama shows a few really strong performances and a number of clichés. The show’s matinee-idol power is clearly owned by Matt Bomer.

Made into a movie, previously in 1976, it featured Robert De Niro. The series focuses on Monroe Stahr (played by Bomer) who is a widower and a film producer who is busy plying his trade at a mini-studio that is actually hard-pressed. Pat Brady (Kelsey Grammer) is his boss who keeps resenting Stahr creative cred.Stahr’s character is loosely inspired by the Hollywood legend Irving Thalberg (including the health problems).

There’s a lot of discontentment brewing around the lot, from Brady’s wife (Rosemarie DeWitt) who is unhappy, towards his grown-up daughter Celia (Lily Collins). Celia in turn has the hots for Monroe and Monroe is still grieving over his dead wife until he sees Kathleen (Dominique McElligott).”The last Tycoon” features a lot of geopolitics, big business, and many love triangles. Unlike our square-jawed hero, most of the studio chiefs are secular Jews who are also unwilling to stand up to Hitler’s representative in Hollywood yet nervous about losing a big chunk of the European market during the years of Depression. There are many overheated dialogues and situations that are emotionally weakening. Seemingly always one step ahead of the bankruptcy judge there are twists and turns regarding the studio’s fate.

Jennifer Beals provides an outstanding performance as an imperious movie star – who Brady believes can save the studio. The serious risk-taking and creative ambitions do deserve some credit.

Don’t forget to watch “The Last Tycoon” that premieres on July 28 on Amazon.

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