Let’s know some mind-blowing facts about Donald Trump


Firstly Donald Trump has always been one famous person in U.S.A whether due to his speeches, politics or his unknown facts.
Some of the unknown facts associated with Donald trump are-

  • He is the founder of Trump Card.
  • He even appeared in famous children’s Movie- Home Alone 2

  • He has also appeared in WWE.

Let me tell you something about President Trump that you don’t know.

As we all know, Donald Trump owns a plethora of resorts and hotels. Like it or not, they offer five star service and offer extensive entertainment choices. These hotels and resorts are not expensive. I mean, just look at the them.
Donald trump became famous
Back during the Iraq War, President Trump offered this five star service, at no cost, to veterans on the weekends. But what? Donald Trump doing something kind? Doing something that we can not criticize? Impossible! This would have been on the news!

Well, my fellow Quorans (hope I spelled that right), that is exactly what you would think. But Mr. Trump did not want to attract attention to himself, and therefore, he made extensive efforts to make sure this didn’t attract the media. Again, you’re probably asking why? And the answer is quite simple- this was a gesture by President Trump towards veterans, simply out of the kindness of his heart. He understood what those men and women went through. He understood how hard it was adjusting- you don’t have to be a veteran to realize how difficult that can be.

There was an interview awhile back with Ex-NYC Mayor Rudi Giuliani validating this kind gesture by Mr. Trump, and I’ll try to find it for you guys (it might have been on Fox) but this instance is not isolated. There are several instances where Mr. Trump has spontaneously done something simply because it was the right thing to do. Some of you may remember that Donald Trump, when younger, bought a random person on the street a car. Different, but still similar to the above.

In conclusion, this isn’t a political answer. I’m not expressing my views on President Trump and his decisions. I am only shedding light on another perspective of our President- one that does not get a lot of attention on Quora.


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