Prince Al-amin has won the first place in the Science Fair of CBHSGT for three times


Hey, Dude! Thanks in advance for your companion. Now I’m Prince Al-amin gonna share about an event which was held on 22 November, 2018 in Ghatail Cantonment Board High School. This day will take part in the deep of my heart forever.
According to science fair hundred of projects were made by the students of Ghatail Cantonment Board High School.
Science Fair program was Inaugurated by 25 Division Area commander of Ghatail Cantonment. From the beginning of this program commander sir had visited each project owner and talked to them.
When he came towards me and talking about the project, my heart was beating fast.
Afterwards, I had delivered my speech and somehow I had won the first place in that science fair.

Here some photographs attached below

2018 Science fair was my last program in school life. I won’t forget this day for a single moment. In this day, I enjoyed much with my best friends.
In conclusion , It was a great pleasure for me.
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